Call me crazy, but I think the bookmark bar provides a good purpose. It's right there, and that's invaluable to UX — no second layer required.

But vanishingly few services care to integrate, it seems. Right now, I am mostly looking for a way to sync evernote bookmarks into the browser's bookmarks bar/menu/etc.

I have special conditions:

  • Chrome's sync is not viable because it's not available behind typical corp firewalls.
  • 3rd party services like Evernote seem to be small enough to avoid corp firewall policies.
  • XMarks is just a travesty (as of today 2014-04).

On a conceptual note: is the lack of tools caused by poor control / UX for syncing? ...e.g. deciding which changes to keep between devices... which leads to low perceived value of such sync services? I would understand that, considering that a web-app without sync needs would be cheaper to produce.

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