I've got a bunch of chats from third-party clients from IMO.im before their service decided to become a proprietary-only client. Problem is, the chat logs are hardly readable as-is, here's a sample from gchat:

  "[redacted]@public.talk.google.com": [
      "from": "me", 
      "message": "what's up?", 
      "timestamp": "2012-08-15 01:31:41", 
      "to": "[redacted]@public.talk.google.com"
      "from": "[redacted]@public.talk.google.com", 
      "message": "not much, just got home. had to buy new car tires today... the back ones were so worn that the metal wiring was showing or even worn through", 
      "timestamp": "2012-08-15 01:32:22", 
      "to": "me"

Now ideally I would love to import this into Trillian.im, but I'd be happy enough just to have this in a readable format. Is there any known method to import this mess into a human readable format?

  • @user0 Please don't add extra formatting when it's not necessary. There was no reason to bold those URLs except for to get over the 6 character limit. Please find other things to improve within the post rather than editing things for the sake of editing them. – jonsca Jul 23 '18 at 22:24

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