I wonder if there are any ways to hide specific GDrive photos from G+ photo even if I turned on the option to show GDrive photos in G+ photo?

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If you mean keeping your photos from Google Drive private in Google+ (only accessible to you), that is exactly what happens.

Link Google Drive with Google+

Specifically you have to share the photo within Google+

You cannot tag, +1, edit, or comment on Drive photos. To enable these features, share the photo first. Sharing a photo will create and post a copy of the photo-- your original Drive photo will remain intact and your circles will not gain access to your Drive.

You cannot individually select photos in Google Drive not to be shared with Google+. One workaround is to rename your photo files such as Image0001.jpg.DATA

Google Drive and Google+ Photo integration

  • Good idea to rename the images. However it is not an ideal solution because it makes them hard to handle in Google Drive and on desktop. I would like to hide all images that I keep in a separate folder. I have not found an easy solution. Maybe the solution is to separate images between different accounts or use more than one cloud service. Commented Jul 18, 2014 at 9:33

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