I don't find MediaWiki a user-friendly and easy-to-customise tool but probably just because I'm new to it. What I need to do is to have some pages visible to:

  • anyone
  • registered users only, and
  • a certain group of users.

Even if in the documentation it is well specified that MediaWiki does not support this usage, I've found an extension that seems to do it (Access Control) but I have a problem in using that. I'd like to use MediaWiki groups and I'm trying to make some pages visible only to bureaucrat. I don't understand how to put the <accesscontrol> bureaucrat </accesscontrol> tag. If I put it in the page content (via normal editing page wiki procedure) it does not seems to be parsed.


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I have found another extension, named Restrict access by category and group. It works like a charm, nice and simple documentation, easy to use. And.. it seems to work!

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