Take this formula:

=GOOGLEFINANCE("PG", "high", DATE(2014, 4, 1))

This formula returns an 'array result', meaning it generates a little table over multiple cells, like this:

The top-left cell pictured ('Date') is the one I wrote the formula in; the actual value I want is written to a cell below-right of it.

Is there some way I can wrap the formula with another formula, so I can just grab the exact cell that I want? I.e. so the cell I write my formula in will just contain "80.84", and no other nearby cells get overwritten. Something like:

=GIVEMEONECELLFROMTHIS(GOOGLEFINANCE("PG", "high", DATE(2014, 4, 1), 'just the one at the bottom right pls')

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Please try:

=index(GOOGLEFINANCE("PG", "high", DATE(2014, 4, 1)),2,2)

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