I have a Gmail account and a live.unc.edu account. The live.unc.edu account forwards to my Gmail account. I've made a Gmail label called “UNC” and set up a filter to catch all email that is to: xxx@live.unc.edu and Skip the Inbox and apply the label “UNC”. I now have email that goes to xxx@live.unc.edu with "JIRA" in the subject. I want Gmail to apply the label “JIRA” to that email and NOT UNC. Is this possible?

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You will need to adjust your existing To filter to apply to emails that go to:(xxx@live.unc.edu) AND subject:(-JIRA).

So for instance, in this screenshot, I have filtered all emails from Facebook that do not contain the word photos in the subject:

enter image description here

Then you can add another filter that applies the JIRA label to the emails of your choice.

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