Today I accidentally gave a thumbs down to a song I like on the shuffle station. I know how to remove a thumbs down on other station (station details, delete the song in question), but I don't know how if it was on the shuffle station.

Is there a way to do this?


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If you accidentally press thumbs down on a track you can quickly swipe back to that song on the web or on the app to see a thumbs down. Tap on thumbs down to undo that choice, or tap on thumbs up if you like the track. If you need to make this change on an older song you will need to go to the station options on the web or on the app.

Tap to see your Pandora thumbs down history in the app. Tap to see your Pandora thumbs down history in the app. On the Pandora app you can tap on the upper right corner on the thumbs up icon. This will show you the station details so that you can see your thumbs up and thumbs down history.

On this screen you will see a listing of thumbs down and thumbs up options at the top of the app. Tap on the thumbs down icon to see your thumbs down history for that station. You can see this in the photo above. You can tap the thumbs up option to see that history and make any corrections.

Source: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2015/02/16/how-to-undo-thumbs-down-on-pandora/

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