I have a simple form that inputs entries into a Sheets. All I want to do is open a new sheet and import the data from the forms sheet so I can manipulate it in my own way. I have tried:


these formulas work but as soon as I get another entry on my Forms sheet the formula will skip that cell number.


I get a new form input on A4 and to get the value of the new form data on my new sheet I use the formula:

=Form Responses!A4

All it does is change the formula to:

=Form Responses!A5

and leaves a blank block.


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A stab in the dark (but OP seems unlikely to revisit in the near future to provide clarification of the requirement):

=indirect("'Form Responses'!"&"A4")

I tried Pnuts' solution and it worked fine. I had tried the =Arrayformula but that did not work.

You can actually just put

=INDIRECT("Form Responses!A4") 

Then when something posts it does not shove the rest of them down on the sheet you are importing data too.


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