In my Google Calendar I have visibility over several shared calendars. If multiple people who share calendars with me attend the same event, I can see the event quite a few times.

Example screenshot:

enter image description here

Question: Is there a way to change my settings such that I can see all shared calendars, but it will condense identical events into a single entry?


Google Calendar does not provide a way to merge the same event that appears in multiple calendars, and Google has been oblivious to requests to do so dating as far back as 2009 -

The only solution is to use a Chrome extension, gcal-multi-event-merge



Try out the Google Chrome Extension (new link) here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/event-merge-for-google-ca/idehaflielbgpaokehlhidbjlehlfcep


2020, December 3rd. Over 6 years since this thread opened, nearly 12 since the earliest mentioned thread ignoring pleas for a basic feature to one of the most commonly used calendar apps IN THE WORLD. Yet, here I sit, just past midnight, in a chilly basement buried into the cold northern Colorado plains ground, contemplating what could be done to resolve this little issue.

Though, I'm certain the chrome extension would do wonders on a desktop, I am a highly modular and mobile individual. My world lives on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G. (Which it is beginning to sound like may be the final Note that Samsung produces, if any credence can be leant to their actions thus far building up to 2021.)

So, you see, this multiple shared event duplication issue plagues the Android 10 Google Calendar app as well. In fact, EVERY Google Calendar syncing app I have attempted to use (including Samsung Calendar, Business Calendar PRO, ALL top Calendar apps) result in the same thing. It is simply an innate quality to the Calendar system or would seem....

If anyone has a viable answer to solve this issue, even if it is simply the use of a third party Calendar app that is capable of taking full advantage of the powerful tools and integration that Google Calendar affords, I would love to hear what the options are. As I am sick of looking at the same issue, day in and day out....

I implore anyone who can assist with resolving this issue, or even recommending another service, just as strong preferably, or anything, please, help.....

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