All the help I find is for the opposite direction. I need my Outlook.com calendar to show up in my Google calendar, as the events I create in my windows phone don't sync to my main Google calendar.

I am not using the Outlook windows application.

I attempted to share the calendar from Outlook.com to my gmail address, but get an error:

Sharing error
Sorry, this invitation isn't valid anymore. The sender may have taken away your permission, or you may have already declined this invitation. If you'd like to see this calendar, ask its owner to share it with you again.

If there is an alternative solution that accomplishes the result I want (my Outlook.com events showing up in Google calendar) that would be OK.


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From Marco_Mi. replied on May 6, 2013

  1. Sign in to Calendar (Outlook.com)
  2. On the toolbar, click Share
  3. Select the calendar that you want to export/embed.
  4. Click Get a link.
  5. Under Show event details (click Create) Note: If step number 5 is already performed, just skip it and click Link to event details
  6. Copy the link that you needed and paste it on the desired program/website.

I think the easiest way now is to export the calendar from outlook.com and import the ical into google.

this thread also discusses a similar issue: Is it possible to sync MS Outlook with specific Google Calendar?

it also looks like the ability for google sync for non-business users was discontinued in 2012. https://support.google.com/a/answer/2716936?hl=en

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