The FAQ says:

How many subgroups can I be a member of at one time? 50.

How is it possible to get 51 groups?

enter image description here

https://www.linkedin.com/anet?dispSortAnets=&trk=my_groups-h_gn-settings :

enter image description here


It is actually possible to join up to 100 groups on LinkedIn, according to this post from someone who has joined 55 groups. She explains in a video in her post that you can join 50 parent groups and 50 subgroups. I checked a few of the groups in your screenshot, and I found that the "Disruptive I.T." group is actually a subgroup of the "Re-invent I.T." group. You are a member of both groups, and since "Disruptive I.T." is a subgroup, that is how you are a member of more than 50 groups.

  • Wow good catch! What a mess this group system is. – Franck Dernoncourt Aug 1 '14 at 17:23

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