My folder on Google Docs drive has over 4000 files. How do I navigate QUICKLY to the end of the folder? Presently I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and I have never gotten to the end of the files within the folder.


To quickly reach the bottom of the files list ,you can use the following short cut

Ctrl + End - this would take to the bottom of the file list

Ctrl + Home - This would take to the start of the file list

  • At this time Google Drive file lists having a lot of files are loaded partially. Ctrl + End will jump to the las file loaded and load more files after, so by repeating this operation it could take a while to jump to the last file in folder. – Rubén Jan 9 '18 at 17:35

You could consider organizing those 4000+ files into categorized folders. That would certainly ease navigation. As an alternative, clicking the Column name in the top of the Drive display which you would like to sort by changes the sort method(asc or desc), which would bring the last file up to you, as opposed to scrolling down to it.


If you're on a Desktop PC you may use the default shortcut Ctrl+Page down.

Could be a bit faster than scrolling.

  • This site is about using Web Apps :) – Rubén Jan 9 '18 at 17:35

On the column header of the files list on Google Drive, the sort order is shown by an arrow. Click on the arrow to invert the sort order so the last file will become the first file.

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