We have a Google Group that accepts posts via email. Posts can also be tagged.

Is there a way to tag posts by including some data in the email? For example [email protected]


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Unfortunately no, there isn't a way for the email sender to assign a Google Groups tag to the emails that are being sent to a Google Group.

From Tag topics - Groups Help

Note: You must be the creator of a topic to add tags to the topic.

If you are the creator of the topic

To tag a topic after a topic has been created:

  1. From the Topic screen, click on the 'add tags' link next to the topic's title. The Edit Tags dialog box appears.
  2. Click on the tags (in blue; next to "suggested tags") you want to add to the topic. Tags appear in the field as they are added.
  3. Click Save changes. Tags are added to the topic.

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