I'm trying to create a barcode on barcodesinc.com's Free Online Barcode Generator. Under advanced options, I see that there is a checkbox for "Draw Value Text", when I uncheck it and regenerate the barcode, though, it is still checked.

When you generate a barcode, e.g.:
alt text

It uses a URL such as the following:


When I change the other comboboxes, I notice that the parameter that is changing is style. It stands to reason that I can send a style value which will not include the text underneath the barcode. The question is which style value do I need to use?

style     border     text     stretch     negative
-----     ------     ----     -------     --------
???       no         no       no          no
197       yes        yes      no          no
709       yes        yes      no          yes
453       yes        yes      yes         no
965       yes        yes      yes         yes

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The style with everything set to no is 68. I found this out by noticing that it says "Powered by Barcode", and then I tried the sample generator on that site, and examined the style parameter.


I tested all the styles from 1 to 999 :

for ( $i = 1; $i <= 999; $i++ )
        ▼                                                               ▼
 echo "$i<img src='http://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/image.php?code=$i" .
                  "&style=$i&type=C128B&width=300&height=65&xres=1&font=1'>" .
      "<br/>";             ▲

This code allows to see all the possibilities : many styles won't work, other styles will give you frame and no text (aligned to the left, center or right), others will give your frame an text, etc.

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