I want to search Super User and other websites using Google, but I want to limit it to a specific subject (e.g., the R programming language). Using Super User paths for specific topics like:


Does not work, as can be seen when comparing searching using full path compared to searching entire website with more specific question. Also note the first hit being one step in the direction I want, but since this path itself does not hold the questions in its path it does not solve my issue.

There should, however, be a better way to do this, by having a very specific Google search tag for the R programming language, which would have to be either in the path, on the webpage, or tagged differently. Seeing as Super User has a good tag system, I am optimistic that this can be used to solve my question.

Is there a solution to this that always works on Super User and similar sites?

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    Are you asking if Google can search in the manner you describe? – Dave Jun 5 '14 at 9:10
  • I know that Google can not search like that directly, due to the linking of tags to their topics not being structured like that. I also know that "link:superuser.com/questions/tagged/r" does not work due to other constraints in how Google does their querries. So in a sense I want a workaround that fixes this limitation – Stenemo Jun 12 '14 at 11:56

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