Why does


return approximately 15 results?

Should it not return 40 results?

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(This answer is being added nearly 3 years later, mainly for the benefit of new API 1.1 users arriving via Google.)

As well as the answers you've already had, the count parameter is a maximum limit, not a "please send me count many".

The count parameter is best described in the documentation for GET statuses/user_timeline:

The value of count is best thought of as a limit to the number of tweets to return because suspended or deleted content is removed after the count has been applied. We include retweets in the count, even if include_rts is not supplied. It is recommended you always send include_rts=1 when using this API method.

Whilst some of that documentation is only relevant to the specific method, count appears to behave in that manner across the Twitter API — it won't reliably given you as many as count results from your method call, but it will reliably give you no more than count results.

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Retweets are not included by default.

This method will not include retweets in the XML and JSON responses unless the include_rts parameter is set. The RSS and Atom responses will always include retweets as statuses prefixed with RT.


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I was reading the documentation for the new API on api.twitter.com and using the old API, twitter.com, and the old API didn't include the include_rts parameter because retweets didn't exist back then.

The old API is basically useless now. I just had to use api.twitter.com and it worked.

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