I’ve been joined to a GitHub “organisation” for some things I do at the day job occasionally (administrative and Debian packaging things). I’m not normally involved in the development of the stuff hosted by that GitHub organisation.

However, when someone creates a new repository on that organisation, I am automatically subscribed to it and need to manually unwatch it, all the time.

How can I stop being automatically subscribed to new repositories—ideally, for one particular organisation only?


Go to the Watched repositories page that shows all the repos you are watching.

Account Settings (Tools icon in upper right) → Notification center → Watching

On the right sidebar you'll see this:

☑ Automatically watch

When you’re given push access to a repository, automatically receive notifications for it.

If you uncheck or untick that box you should now have to manually watch repositories that are added by your joined organisation if they've also given you push access.

You can't set it on a per organisation level though. It's all or nothing at the moment.

  • Wonderful, thanks… I had not realised “Watching” was a separate settings page at first. Now this affects all repos, not just those of that organisation, but since the rest is much less active, I’ll cope ;-) – mirabilos Jun 25 '14 at 7:46
  • This has moved into the settings/notifs page: github.com/settings/notifications – greg7gkb Jul 17 '15 at 0:49

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