I have a Blogger site which has a custom domain which I want to move one old domain to new. Let's pretend this is olddomain.com and newdomain.com.

If any link to a page has the old custom domain in the URL, and this link is clicked on, it will redirect to a link with the new domain but with the same page. (For example, www.olddomain.com/existing-page.html should redirect to www.newdomain.com/existing-page.html.)

Does anyone know how I would go about this?

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You can redirect your blog to a custom domain using blogger. Here, what happens is that all hits your blogspot domain will be redirected to your new domain.

www.olddomain.blogpsot.com/existing-page.html to www.olddomain.com/existing-page.html

This can be achieved by setting up the Cname and A name records.

If you have a new domain, then you can set it as your new redirect as :

www.olddomain.blogpsot.com/existing-page.html to www.newdomain.com/existing-page.html

But you can't redirect from www.olddomain.com/existing-page.html to www.newdomain.com/existing-page.html using blogger settings. This is because the domains are not handled by blogpsot.

Either you should check for options with your domain provider to set up a re direct or point your old domain to a new blog and set a redirect to new url (Give a link to new url and notify users that you have shifted the domain).

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