The Gmail sidebar displays the list of our labels (or some of them, according to settings). Next to every label name there is a number showing how many unread messages we have for that label.

Is there a way to display also the total number of messages for each label?


[to answer] (0/36)
[to do] (0/55)
[waiting answer] (0/7)
cooking (2/48)
family (6/352)
friends (1/1828)
website (2/412)
work (12/12801)

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    @dreeves No such thing exits in Gmail. You need to wait until the team thinks & comes up with this kind of feature. Best Luck! – xorpower Dec 21 '11 at 8:42

There doesn't seem to be a way to do this currently.

The best places to look for this feature to be implemented is one of the following:

  • An official Gmail setting accessible via the settings page.
  • A Gmail labs feature.
  • A 3rd party Gmail gadget which can be added via the "Add any gadget by URL" Gmail lab.
  • A Greasemonkey scirpt.

The first two would require Google to implement the feature, which you could suggest here for it to be implemented in the official version, or you could suggest it here for it to be implemented as a lab. The last two could be implemented by anyone with the knowhow.

I couldn't find anything that is already implemented by doing a simple Google search.

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If you go to the gear (settings), then "Settings" and choose Labels, your labels are displayed along with the total number of conversations for each.

Alternatively, if the total amount must be displayed next to the label on the main Gmail page, you could simply create a second label for each label you have and then create a filter that will take all the mail from one label and sent it to the second label and mark all the messages as unread. That way you will have one set of labels with unread count and one with total count, in a backwards kind of way.

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