How can I default the sort of Twitter search results to show "All" instead of "Top" and have it exclude retweets?

On Twitter I don't follow anyone or post anything, I just use it to search to get timely news.

When I search, by default I am shown "Top" results, which are nearly always irrelevant because they are old. I can click on the "All" link to have them sorted by time, but this is getting annoying. Can I default to showing "All" instead of "Top"?

It also shows the same result over and over again. It says "retweeted by _" on it each time. I assume this means that different users shared the original post. I don't need to see this post more than once as it's just the same information over and over again - is there a way to also not show these "retweets" in my search results?


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To go directly to the "All" tab, you can create the search URL yourself like so:


Where stackexchange is your search query and f=realtime is the equivalent of selecting the "All" tab.

You can try adding exclude:retweets to your search query but I'm not 100% sure how that works as it seems to not include tweets that have been retweeted. Another strategy is to simply do "-RT" in your search query to weed out some retweets.

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