Recently I discovered that we can host our web apps on GitHub and publish them with the repo URL.

I created a repo named myusername.github.io and published my web app on it. Now I want to host another web app created in another repo. https://pages.github.com/ says that the hosting won’t work if the first part of the repository doesn’t exactly match your username.

But now since I already have a repo of that name, how do I create another one and host my web-app there?

I tried to do something like myusername.github.io-webapp (where the first part matches my username) but it did not work.

Is there a work around for this or am I just naming my repos incorrectly?

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For your second app you are wanting to publish, create a new repo using any name (e.g. myapp).

Then publish a branch named gh-pages to that repo.

Your new app should then be available at http://USER.github.io/REPO. So, for our example, username.github.io/myapp.

For a detailed guide on these steps, see the Creating Project Pages Manually guide.

The convention of creating a repo with the pattern user.github.io is just a shortcut way of doing the steps above, and only works once since repo names are unique.

But the manual steps above work for any number of repositories!


You get one website per GitHub account, but no one is stopping in you from dividing it between multiple applications. For example you can put one application under /app1 and another one under /app2.

Keep in mind that GitHub is a git hosting company, not a web hosting one.

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