I have two sheets, SheetA for values, SheetB for calculations. I want a cell in SheetA to be colored, if a value in SheetB satisfies a condition.

Normally, referencing a field from another sheet is done with ='SheetB'!C1. However, this yields an "invalid formula" when put into the input box for conditional formatting with a formula.

Is it possible to reference a field in SheetB for conditional formatting in SheetA without the workaround of first mirroring the relevant values of SheetB in SheetA?


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I think I was trying to achieve the result across spreadsheets before (rather than sheets). If you put a number in A1 of SheetB and in A1 of SheetA Conditional formatting... like so:

WA62909 example

then if you keep adding 1 to the value in SheetB!A1 the fill colours in SheetA!A1 should toggle red/pale blue.

The formulae I chose are of the type:


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