I am interested in linking to a sequence of tweets by a single user - starting and ending with specific tweets. Basically, due to the constraints, people often tweet a series of short posts that are best viewed together. I wonder if there is a way to refer to them as such (for example by providing starting and ending tweet IDs).


You can't choose the start and end message IDs, but you can use a date range.

from:codinghorror since:2014-10-01 until:2014-10-05

The above search will give you all of the tweets from Jeff Atwood from October 1 to October 5.

(Twitter Advanced Search Operators)


If you have TweetDeck you can create a timeline or collection of tweets. You'll select the tweets you want to show together and then have a URL that you can tweet out or post elsewhere that will show the tweets you've grouped.

You can also use something like Storify which does the same thing, but in addition, allow you to include relevant posts from other sites and social networks if you wanted some other context.

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