Not sure how to word this, but I'd quite like Gmail to work like Google Reader - where you can just k,k,k up through the messages, without switching out to 'another page' for each message.

I guess it's not possible - haven't seen anything in Labs that looks like I want - but has this already been asked for? Just interested to know if there's some place I can go and vote!


No, there is nothing in Labs, though people have requested it. There are a couple alternative options with keyboard shortcuts.

You can use j to move down and k to move up the message list in your inbox. (You mentioned you knew k already). However, these also work when viewing a message. If you are viewing a message, hit k to read your next newest email.

If you prefer working from the inbox list each time, o will open the current email, and u returns you to the listing.

  • I know it isn't exactly what you asked for, but what you want isn't currently possible, so maybe this helps a little? – Rebecca Chernoff Aug 31 '10 at 20:30

There is. j and k page through conversations.

n and p page through messages in a conversation. You can open/collapse messages with o or Enter.

You can see the available keyboard shortcuts in Gmail by hitting ?.

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