I need to calculate the minimum date between a cell and TODAY, but somehow the MIN function is failing me. Here's the demonstration.

If I calculate it on a range, such as =min(A1:A2) it works, but I need to do it inline, I don't have a range to check. If I try to calculate it on comma separated values, it returns an integer =min(A1,TODAY()) --> 41824 ?

I'm puzzled, what am I missing?


41824 is Google's date serial number for July 4, 2014 - can be formatted as Date to see this. (The minimum date from today, if not yet reached, would seem always to be the maximum - most recent - date.)

Select the cell and click "Format -> Number -> Date".

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    Great, so I just have to select the cell and click "Format -> Number -> Date", thanks! I've edited that into the answer. – o0'. Jul 4 '14 at 16:11

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