I have a Google spreadsheet that contains 30 sheets (each day for the month of September). I want to add cell K36 from each sheet, but I don’t know how. How can I do this?


IF your sheets are numbered 1 to 30 inclusive (eg up to Sheet30), it may be less tedious to insert:


into ColumnA (say Row10), copy that across to AD, then add that row (say =sum(10:10) ) - or do this on a separate sheet and reference the result from there.


Simplest answer:

=Sheet1!K36 + Sheet2!K36 + Sheet3!K36 + Sheet4!K36 + Sheet5!K36 + Sheet6!K36 + Sheet7!K36 + Sheet8!K36 etc

There are other answers based on scripting, which you should investigate if you need a repeatable solution (hint - search for 3D summing). But this will be the quickest approach for a one-off.

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