A friend told me he posted a comment onto a Facebook page's status update today. I went to that Facebook page, and looked at all the comments on the status update, but I did not see his comment. He told me he could see his comment, so I'm wondering if Facebook has a feature that can let a page admin prevent others from seeing someone's comment while still letting that person see his own comment, so that he doesn't know it was hidden?

  • Yeah, the page admin is probably hiding his comment.
    – phwd
    Commented Jul 17, 2014 at 16:11

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This article says that Facebook does give page administrators the option of hiding a comment, which makes it invisible to everyone except the commenter and his friends. When a page administrator hides a comment, the following message appears on the administrator's screen:

You've hidden this comment so only the person who wrote it and their friends can see it. Undo this or delete this comment.

You can also Report it as abusive, or Ban [name].

This means the page admin must have hidden my friend's comment. (The reason I didn't see his comment is because I wasn't Facebook friends with my friend at the time - we sometimes defriend each other so we can see how the privacy settings are working.)

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