I am looking at an eBay seller's Feedback. One of the most recent is from buyer i***4:


When I click on the "View Item" link to go to the item he bought it tells me that 18 were sold:

18 sold

When I click on the "18 sold" link to go to the item's Purchase history, it shows that only 12 were sold (7 Buy It Now and 5 Accepted offers) and none of the 12 buyers has the user ID i***4:

Purchase history

Why does the item's Purchase history show fewer than 18 purchases and none of the User IDs is i***4?

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I'm an eBay seller and have often wondered that myself. However the answer is actually quite simple. eBay only stores 3 months of history (90 days I think) and any sales prior to that just don't display.

The buyer i***4 must have purchased earlier than the 90 days and has only left feedback recently. Sometimes people take a long time to leave feedback, if at all.

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    Ah yes, you are right. I just checked the Purchase History for that item again, and all the May transactions are gone - it only shows back to the June 25th transaction (which is over 90 days old, but I bet that will disappear by Oct 25th). Commented Oct 18, 2014 at 18:28

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