Google Instant is making me a little sick to my stomach. Does anybody know if they're logging all your "potential" searches? And whether or not your old search history still exists?

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Search History is still there. Here's an example with Google Instant:

8:54pm Searched for google instant messenger    
8:53pm Searched for test
8:51pm Searched for instant google voice invite 
8:51pm Viewed results for instant messenger (paused for at least 3 seconds with no click)
8:51pm Viewed results for test tube (paused for at least 3 seconds with no click)
8:51pm Searched for test    

It's not very accurate. I only typed "Google Instant" and it showed results for "google instant messenger" and logged this wrong query.


If you pause on a results page for 3+ seconds it counts as an impression and adds it to your history. Or if you hit enter to confirm your search. Or if you click on a result or advert.

Same goes for advert impressions in AdWords.

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