I made a Pinterest board public by accident. I spent several hours on it and have about 300 pins. I want to make the board a private board but after digging around all I could find was information saying that isn't possible. Is this really so?

If not possible to change it from public to private, is there a way to bulk move or copy pins to a private (secret) board?


Move/Copy Bulk Pins

After Searching over Internet, I found this tool Pin4Ever!. May be it will help you.

Pin Better With Pin4Ever!

Pin4Ever is a set of power tools for Pinterest that help you quickly protect, organize, create, and upload your pins.

Pin4Ever Features

  • Bulk Image Uploading

Pin multiple images from your local drive or images from the web, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites, with an optional time delay between pins.

  • Bulk Pin Editing - Move, Copy, Delete, Rearrange

Move, Copy, Delete, and Rearrange pins from your boards or any pin you see. (You must own the pin in order to Move, Delete, or Rearrange it.)


Moving Pins to another Board

After searching around, I have found a lot of things pointing out that you currently can only move one pin at a time.

To do this, hover over the pin, click on the Pencil icon, and then change the board. See this image.

It is evident that a lot of people are asking for the ability to move multiple pins at once as a feature, and I am sure that it would be available in the near future, but until then, one by one.

*Note: This is without external tools.

External tools

pin4ever (as pointed out by Gurpreet Singh) can do bulk pin moving, which will help in your scenario.

Making a public board Secret

Sadly, you cannot make a public board private/secret. You can only make a secret board public, not the other way around.

I found this:

You can't edit a public board to make it secret. You can only create new secret boards.

Similarly, you can't edit an existing Pin to move it to a secret board—since public boards or Pins may already have Pins or likes, you can't make them secret.

You can Pin from a public board to a secret one. This is like creating a secret copy instead of moving the original Pin.

*Note: This is without external tools.


So you cannot make that Public board Secret, nor can you move all the pins at once without external tools. Given the functionality as it currently stands, you will have to create a new Secret board, and then move the pins over.

If 'pin4ever' works for bulk pin moving (I have not personally tried this), this will be your best bet.

Otherwise, if the board is embarrassing or something, you can delete it, but you will have to find all the pins from scratch again, sadly.


In a way, yes, you can.

I created a secret board. Then opened the board I wanted to change and copied all the pins to the secret board. As of 5 minutes ago when I did it, I was able to move 50 pins at a time (but they all had to be clicked individually). After copying (not moving) all my pins, I double checked the secret board to ensure everything I wanted was there, and then deleted the public board.

So far all is well!

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