So, at my office we're using Asana for a lot of stuff, but mainly as a project organiser and keeping a tab on support issues from our customers. We're using the "Create task automatically by forwarding an email"-feature of Asana which is working perfectly unless the to- or CC-field of the email contains an email address not recognised by Asana (aka. not registered as a user in our Asana team).

We've set up automatic forwarding using the Gmail filter feature which has worked well until we've been forced to forward the emails to a new email address which is not registered in our Asana team and we have no access to. When automatically forwarding emails, Gmail does not seem to send them individually, but rather "clumps" the emails together in the to-field. This causes Asana to be unable to process the email since it does not recognise one of the email adresses in the to-field.

Thereby my question: is it possible to force Gmail to forward messages to each address individually as to circumvent the problem?

  • Make a new filter for that email address. – Daniel Springer Jan 11 '16 at 7:18
  • 3
    It's not clear where the problem is. Is it when Gmail sends email to Asana? The opposite? Is there a reason you couldn't use a Google Group and manage the group of email addresses there, leaving Gmail and Asana to only need to keep track of one email address? – ale Jan 27 '16 at 15:35

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