I've it always opened in a pinned tab in Firefox. When coming back, I see a message like "You've XX new tweets". Now, if that number exceeds e.g. 10 it's hard to remember exactly when it started filling in new tweets.

I.e. I see no visual indication that "from here on I just loaded new tweets for you".

I'm having trouble "keeping up" to not miss any tweets because it's just tough to remember every time where I exactly was.

Is there any help for that?

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You can use the Favourite feature to mark the last tweet.

Favourite the last tweet first, then fetch the new tweets. Scroll down to the first favourite, unfavourite it, then start reading upwards.

enter image description here

I am not sure if the authors of the (un)favourited tweets are notified. You might be a little bit annoying in that case. :)

Unfortunately, selecting some text doesn’t work, because that’s cleared when you get new tweets.

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    You can set in preferences to be notified if one of your tweets has been faved. But will not get notification if it is unfaved. Jul 27, 2014 at 14:44

Tweet an image, then next time you log on you can scroll down reading the new tweets until you reach your tweeted image. Messy but it works.

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