I am creating a travel budget spreadsheet and need to be able to sum different filters (By Month, By Salesperson, By State, etc)...is there a way for me to display the sum of a column based on what is displayed in variable filters?

I believe I solved this. I ended up just pulling each person's travel into a different sheet on a new document and having multiple tabs (one for each staff member). Thank you for all your help!


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You should be using a pivot table (select A:O, Data > Pivot table report... and add fields of your choice).

Maybe Primary Attendee in Rows, Month in Columns, Fee in Values and State in Filter - but the options are almost limitless (that's the power of a pivot table).

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    Looks like this might work!! Thank you so much!!!
    – Rome
    Jul 31, 2014 at 19:27

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