I'm monitoring the commit log of a project my team is working on, and I was wondering whether there's any way to view the commits in an RSS/Atom reader.

I.e., is there any URL provided by GitHub that simply outputs the commit log in a format readable by an RSS/Atom reader?

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You only really need to add .atom to the end of most branch views to get the corresponding RSS feed of its commits.


The above will show the RSS feed for commits against the master branch. If you wanted to see commits for another branch, change accordingly:

  • What if I want the RSS feed to include the full (syntax-highlighted) commit diff? Commented Jul 23, 2021 at 14:32

Right after I posted this, I decided to simply try providing the URL for a specific branch and seeing what happens (e.g., the Linux master branch). Turns out that feedly was able to read that, no problem. So, problem solved.

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