A long time ago (1999), I had a mobile app called Flash! for Palm OS that I could use to enter multi-line questions and multi-line answers into and then later study them with multiple choice or just flipping the flash card around.

This is what Flash! Looked Like

I'm looking for a similar web app that's compatible with modern mobile browsers (particularly Opera Mini) with these features:

  • PDA/phone finger friendly question/answer navigation (using that little 4 way button on the bottom of the PDA)
  • Multi-line questions and answers.
  • Multiple choice quizzes (which selects answers from other questions at random).
  • Non-multiple choice quizzes.

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Try AnkiWeb, the online version of the popular Anki flashcards app.

The simple HTML design makes it reliable and easy to use on tiny devices.

In addition to the webapp, you might want to use Linux/Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone applications and their synchronization features.


I have been using HeadMagnet http://www.headmagnet.com/

It is free (altough there is a Pro Version) and works in my mobile explorer, which also happens to be Opera Mini (I have a QWERTY mobile -Nokia C3-). I have not explored all the functionalities, so maybe there is a feature for multiple choice quizzes


I'm very familiar with your problem. I used to use Supermemo on my Palm device.


  1. For flashcards that sit in the cloud - the Flashcard module in Moodle.

  2. For flashcards on your device - MiniPauker


I got tired of looking for an intuitive flashcard app so I built my own at SwipeStudy.com its a web-app so you just point your browser to the site whether you're on a phone or PC and study away!


I've used GFlash in the past and been happy with it. You can create the questions in a simple Google Doc spreadsheet

  • Dude that's for the ipad, iphone, android, blackberry it doesn't fit within the specifications. – leeand00 Sep 10 '10 at 13:21
  • My bad. I thought it worked on any web browser – Chirag Patel Sep 11 '10 at 21:03

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