How do I remove stickers from cards in Trello?

Adding stickers in Trello is easy enough. Just drag them over from the stickers at the right:

Opening the stickers menu item

Stickers menu item and a card where a sticker has been added to

However, how can a sticker be removed again?

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    How to remove stickers in Trello is not obvious at all. I found the solution while writing the question. Aug 7, 2014 at 11:54

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It is a three-step process to remove a sticker:

  1. Hover the mouse in the card so the pencil in the upper-right corner appears (in this example, for the second card that has the sticker):

    Hovering the mouse cursor in a Trello card

  2. Left click on the pencil and click on the sticker:

    Trello card in edit mode

  3. The result is:

    Trello sticker in edit mode

  4. Click on Remove. The sticker is now gone, regardless of whether Save is pressed or not.

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    Someone didn't think so much over this one. There should have been a way of removing the sticker analogous to adding a sticker.
    – Pascal
    Aug 19, 2015 at 8:27

As of July 2019, the above steps didn't quite work for me. What I had to do was:

  1. Hover over the sticker
  2. Enter edit mode (press "e" on the keyboard)
  3. Left-Click the sticker
  4. Click "Remove" on the pop-up menus

Simply hovering and clicking the "Remove" appears to be ignored.

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