I have a lot of Gmail filters set up, and it's hard to remember what each one is for.

Is there any way I can add a short comment or description to each one?


Currently I am using the from field for this so that it appears in the beginning. For example, I type -(DOC: My message here) which becomes from:(-(DOC: My message here)), and doesn't affect the filter at all, since it is very unlikely that someone's name or email matches the message I write.

To clarify, for this message to affect the filter, the from address must match all of my comment in any order (e.g. if a message is from my.message.doc.here@example.com, then yes, it will be excluded from the filter, incorrectly). If only some of the words match, the message will still be included (e.g. if a message is from message@example.com, it will still match the filter).

I'm open to other (hopefully better) suggestions.

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