I've moved my 1000+ contacts into Google+ Circles which I thought of as contact categories. Prior to creating my Google+ Circles and assigning all my contacts to the appropriate circle I checked my profile privacy settings to ensure that all settings were set to private.

I thought this was done under My Profile -> People -> Edit -> Uncheck box for showing people in your Google+ Circles.

Yet I found out that Google+ is automatically sending out an invitation email to any non Gmail contact me, telling them that I want them to join Google+.

Horribly embarrassing, some of the contacts are business related and I'd never ask them to join a social group.

How do I stop that?

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What happens when you add people & pages to a circle?

They may receive a notification that you've added them (but not the name of the circle you’ve added them to).



We all understand your frustration about this awkward position you have put yourself but what done is done and cannot be undone.

Even if there was an option for Google+ not to automatically sending invitations to your newly imported contacts in Google+ Circles, there would be no way of recalling invitations that have been already sent or stop the rolling for those who have not yet received them.

Maybe now it is a good time to remove any unwanted contact from your Google+ Circles. Instructions at https://support.google.com/plus/answer/1047849?hl=en

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