I prefer to write mail on my desktop computer (Mac OS X), so I can use a real keyboard.

Often while writing such an email, I would like to attach a photo right where I am writing and take it with the camera on my iPod touch / iPhone. Is there a way to somehow communicate with the Mac for "insert a photo snapped from iOS here"? (Perhaps an app?)

In other words I would like to:

  1. open Gmail on desktop Mac
  2. start writing email
  3. open some app on iOS and tap "snap photo"
  4. photo automatically appears in the Gmail message I am writing on the computer
  • Since you're ensconced in the Apple ecosystem, this might be a better question for Ask Different.
    – ale
    Aug 14, 2014 at 23:34

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Just email the photo to yourself (it can also serve as a backup of that picture). Or you can connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

Or download a photo sharing app. Or use Dropbox.

But if you want it quick, use apps that share photo via a web browser (using an IP address and port). You can download the free iOS app WiFi Photo Transfer. No set up required, just a web browser (you won't need a Mac companion app too!).

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