I have a folder that I am sharing with a Google Apps group - marketing@acme.org

When a new user joins the group, I add him in the Google Apps admin panel groups section, I then expect the user to immediately see the folder in his drive. Instead, the user doesn't see anything.

One behaviour I have noticed is that when I share the folder with the group, anyone who's already in the group can see it but if I add a user to the group later he will not see the folder... I will have to un-share and share with the group again.

What do I have to do when a new employee joins the marketing team in order for him to see the shared folder without too much hassle?

  • @pnuts so you're saying that it should change but not immediately ? If so then great, but i've waited some time and it didn't seem to change.
    – Michael
    Aug 14 '14 at 11:29
  • Waiting didn't seem to do the trick for me. Maybe I haven't waited long enough. I'm adding the users in Google Apps admin panel in the usual place ... When sharing in drive, I share the whole group and not specific people - marketing@acme.org. When I share, the users already in the group will have access to the folder, but if I add users after I shared, they will not see the folder
    – Michael
    Aug 14 '14 at 11:46
  • 1
    Is your group a Team (domain) group or a Custom group? The group type is displayed on admin.google.com/AdminHome?fral=1#GroupList: Aug 14 '14 at 13:21
  • @VidarS.Ramdal it's of type team (domain) or team (internet)
    – Michael
    Aug 14 '14 at 14:33

I had the very same problem. This worked for me: I am admin of groups A and B of google accounts. Groups have some privileges on some folders. I add Bob to group B. Bob gains all privileges that group B has.


Bob logs in Drive. He must search for the most rooted folder that group B has some privilege on. To do the search, search bar at top is used, the one inside Drive page.

Once that folder's name displays is the bar suggestions, Bob clicks on it. In my scenario, Google first gave an error, saying something like "Folder cannot be located". Then the folder appeared as expected. As always, adding it to My-Drive eases all the thing, so that Bob access is permanent.

If i'm not mistaken, add-to-my-drive button appears also in the search bar, beside folder's name, when it's found, at mouse hoover.

Hope this helps!


I just spent an hour with Google support on this issue. Their solution: once you have added your new user(s), conduct a search from your group email address. Select all item then un-assign the group after the group has be removed then re-assign the group back to the selected item.

Wish I had better news. As it stand for our business, we are having to re-evaluate our position on Google Business Apps.

I expect an additional follow-up call from the Google Drive support team, if anything changes, I will try to update this post.


Have been struggling with this recently and it seems like the user must accept the invitation sent to his Gmail account before he/she can see shared company drives/folders/files.

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