I just clicked on a "Trending" item displayed on the right-hand side in Facebook, and then wasted half an hour reading that article.

How can I disable this new source of distractions?

I'm using Firefox, but if there is a fix specific to Chrome, I could switch to that.

  • Aka "Trending Articles", "Trending Topics", "Trending Videos", ... – Evgeni Sergeev Aug 20 '14 at 10:40

Based on: https://superuser.com/a/319322

Step 1 : Open Firefox, Go to 'Firefox' menu at the top-left of the browser.

Firefox --> Help --> Troubleshooting Information --> Show Folder

(it's a button next to "Profile folder")

Step 2 : Create a folder named chrome in your profile folder

Step 3 : Create a css file userContent.css

Step 4 : Copy the following code to the file userContent.css

Step 5 :

@-moz-document domain(facebook.com) {
    #pagelet_trending_tags_and_topics {
        display: none !important;

Step 7 : Restart the browser

(How do I find that it has to be "pagelet_trending_tags_and_topics"? I used DOM Inspector plugin, it has a clicker, you can click on anything to find out its name.


A simple solution for both Firefox and Chrome is the FB Purity browser add-on, it has a built in option to hide the "Trending" box.

Steps to get rid of the Trending Box:

  1. Install the free add-on here: http://install.fbpurity.com

  2. Visit any Facebook page and click the "FBP" link in the top nav bar to open the FB Purity options screen.

  3. Tick the Hide "Trending Topics" option.

  4. Click the "Save & Close" button.

You should now no longer see the "Trending" box.

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