I am unable to visit this site http://www.novamov.com/. Whenever I go, it shows HTTP Error 404 - File or Directory not found, but when I try to do it with proxy servers I am able to visit the website without any error. What is the problem here?

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It may be a DNS issue, but I'm not sure. You can test by following the instructions on this page to temporarily switch to Google's public DNS: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/

If this helps, then you should speak with your ISP about the DNS that they provide. If not, then I honestly have no clue. But whenever this happens to me, changing DNS usually helps.

Honestly, it could be a lot of issues, everything from an error server-side to your browser borking, the DNS not working right, Internet connection, and so on. At least in my experience; I've encountered the issue many times myself.

I would've posted this as a comment if the system had let me, since it's not technically an "answer" as much as it is a suggestion.

There's another possibility too: your IP could be banned, and NovaMov displays a 404 error message when you connect from that IP instead of a "You've been banned" notice... which is something many websites still do for some obscure reason.

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The site may have been previously infected with malware.

After cleaning up such an infection on my own site, I was unaware that the intruders had also altered my .htaccess file in such a way that only visitors who were sending a Referer header were exposed to the malware. Since I had removed the malware, visitors received a 404.

The intruders had altered the .htaccess file so that I, the site owner, would not recognize the infection, since I usually visited my own site by entering the URL, while other visitors came via Google.

It could be that accessing the site via proxy also invokes that part of .htaccess.

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