I’ve got an Google Apps for Business account, in which I have a main email address that I use for everything related to my company—studio@...

I created an alias of this called careers@... which I used for job applicants to send in their CVs. I then setup a rule to move all of the careers emails to a folder called careers to keep my main inbox clean.

Now this careers folder is taking up almost all of the space in my mail account and I want to move it to its own account rather than just an alias.

But when I try to create the account, also called careers@... it says this account already exists (I believe it's getting confused by the alias).

Is there a way round this?

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    But when you create an "account", doesn't it create an email address for that account?
    – MrWhite
    Aug 19, 2014 at 13:48

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Unfortunately not. Even though careers@ is an alias, G Suite sees it as an existing address. Incoming emails would not know which is the correct careers@. If you were to create a group with the name careers@ you would get the same error.

You need to delete the alias and then create careers@'s own account.


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