I shared a picture taken with my iPhone with a friend. To my confusion, I've discovered that she received not a picture, as I expected, but a link to the image uploaded to Skype website. The image contains private information which I'm very unwilling to share online in any way.

Is that picture accessible to anyone having a Skype account or only to the signed in user I've shared the image with? How might I remove it from the website?

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    : ) I'd better shared some adult content
    – raindev
    Commented Aug 21, 2014 at 22:03
  • Generally you're right, but the problem is Skype for iPhone not share pictures as files, but upload them to the website and drops only a link to a recipient.
    – raindev
    Commented Aug 21, 2014 at 22:43
  • That's part of the issue. I have no convenience in security of Skype service, so the less my information is exposed to the outer world is better. When Skype generates a link and made the photo available over it without any prompt, that's scares me a little bit. However, it looks like only the message recipient after sign in could see an image using a link.
    – raindev
    Commented Aug 21, 2014 at 22:54
  • Thank you @pnuts. Hope so:) Also thanks for the edit, my grammar is terrible in the midnight.
    – raindev
    Commented Aug 21, 2014 at 23:07
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    Spent 2 hours chatting with Skype support without any visible result. That company is hopeless.
    – raindev
    Commented Aug 21, 2014 at 23:40


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