I want to share every note of mine on Facebook—like the way wordpress.com works for us. Is there a similar feature in Evernote?


Does Evernote provide an RSS feed of your notes? You can set up Facebook to import notes from a blog or other RSS source.

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You can definitely do this, although the method isn't quite obvious. Here's the short version:

  1. Create an account on Postach.io, the Evernote partner that allows you to post your blog directly from Evernote.
  2. Configure it to capture all your notes (or whichever you'd like to be published) - very easy.
  3. Enable the Postach.io RSS feed for your blog.
  4. Use IFTTT to grab the RSS feed from that blog and post it to your desired Facebook account.
  5. Post to your heart's content in Evernote!

While it seems a bit convoluted, I've been very pleased with how easy it is to do. Several friends wanted to do the same thing. Since they weren't tech oriented, I was worried about their ability to do this successfully without handholding. Fortunately, once they had each of the proper accounts set up, the rest was a piece of cake. There are also several good tutorials that are much more in-depth than what I can describe here in the space allowed.

I've used this successfully to publish to a hidden group my extended family has on Facebook, with great success. Good luck!

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