I have a Yahoo Mail account that I forgot the password of. (I use it mostly because of Flickr.)

I tried changing it, but they have a bug that doesn't matter what password you put it you get an error:

you can't use any part of your name in your email

I even tried using only numbers and I get the same error.

As consequence my account got blocked. I have waited the 12hs and 24hs (it tells you different amount of hours in different places), but to no avail. It is still locked. (I do recall my secret answers.)

I even managed to send them an email, but the automatic message said they will answer me to the account that is blocked!

I tried calling their customer service, but I waited 3 hours on the line and they never answered.

I tried creating a secondary account to try to send them an email, but they force you to put a mobile phone.

Has anyone ever dealt with this successfully?

Update In the end I managed to solve this by using the Chrome or Firefox developer tools, I edited the textbox removing classes, validators and javascripts in several combinations until it worked. They never answered the phone or anything and it was really a miracle I managed to make it work this way.

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