I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet the will color the background of a cell based on the text within another cell. This would have to be set up in a row so that if (for example) B2: contained "done", then A2 would be colored green. Likewise for B3 and A3, B4 and A4, etc. I understand how conditional formatting works, I just don't know what formula to use to accomplish this.

  • select A3-A100 (or whatever range, but make note of the top-most row)
  • click format -> conditional formatting
  • choose custom formula is in the LHS dropdown (last option)
  • in the formula box put =B3="done" (this has to be the same row as the topmost cell of the selected range)
  • select your format, click save rules
  • I did't realize it was that easy... Thanks so much ! – Delta Aug 22 '14 at 14:08