I've got several email accounts, but I always set them up to be auto forwarded to the main one, so I always check just one inbox. This is awesome, but sometimes I need labels to organize and categorize work, promos, academic, etc...

Lets suppose main account is [email protected], academic is [email protected], and work is [email protected], What I have now is academic and company forwarding everything automatically to Gmail, and it's working, and some labels are working as well, but there are some groups such as [email protected] that is a list to all of the students in that class, or [email protected] that has same behavior.

I set up a label called "academic" to everything in Gmail that matches To:[email protected], and in this scenario is working:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
([email protected] forwards everything to [email protected])
So in inbox, I see "To: [email protected]", and that conversation gets the label!

But, let's suppose this scenario:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
(It's forwarded auto to all students, so [email protected] receives it)
([email protected] forwards everything to [email protected])
So in inbox, I see "To: [email protected]", and that conversation does not get the label!

I don't want to modify the label so it consider [email protected] AND [email protected], it's just not practical, there are like 15 groups among university, familiar and work, so filters would be a bit confuse.

Is there a way that Gmail detects that email is being forwarded FROM academic, without taking into account the TO and FROM fields, so it puts the correct label on it?

The deliveredto field was quite useful for admin by google accounts, but that field seems to stop working when secondary accounts are not Google, such as Gmail or a simple cpanel email account. How do I get same effect with different accounts?

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Have you tried using the "[email protected]" syntax?

IIRC, from your university.edu account you can forward everything to [email protected] and it will be delivered to [email protected].

You can then label every mail received which has a to "TO Field" : [email protected]

I use a lot this syntax, the major downside is when some people/forms do not know the syntax and insist that the email address you just entered is invalid.


There is a header X-Forwarded-For: that contains where the email is forwarding from. Maybe you can make use of that.

If that fails/being-impossible, why don't your simplify your "academic" label to match To:@university.edu, instead of the specific To:[email protected] one. That should be a pretty accurate filter that would be correct 99.99% of the times.

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