I made a Google Site on the wrong Google Account, so I deleted the site and permanently deleted it the deleted sites folder. I switched to another account and tried to create the site al over, but it wouldnt let me. It said

Cannot create site in destination domain

at the top. The sites URL was:


It doesn't seem to be taken, as the site doesn't exist yet.

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To be able to reuse a site URL, the original site should be deleted permanently first. To make that this be applied to all the Google Servers could take a while, so wait few hours, better, one or two days.

It's worth to say that Google Sites allow to have multiple owners, so it's not neccessary to delete a site when it was created with the wrong account, instead just add the right account as owner.

From Share your site with other people - Sites Help

Anyone you set to Is owner can change the look and feel of the site as well as make administrative changes, such as deleting the site or adding new owners.

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