I often want to sit down with a team member and discuss a bunch of issues that I've qued up.

I've considered:

  1. Create a dummy user "Discuss" but then I don't know who I meant to discuss this with.
  2. Comment to a user : @User Let's discuss. But then we don't know what we've already discussed. And there also isn't a way to find comments about "discuss with userX" (you can only search on a single word). So, perhaps comment: discuss.
  3. Create a separate card "Let's discuss XYZ" and then reference the actual card(s). A bit clumsy but it does the job. Downside of that is that I then have to specify what part of that Card we should be discussing.

Any other suggestions?

  • You could use labels & apply them to the issues – Sathyajith Bhat Sep 11 '14 at 17:23

Use Menu | Filter Cards to search within a board. If you have an available Label, use that to mark cards to discuss.

Steps to take:

  • Open the card you wish to flag and select "Labels" button on right
  • Select "Change label names for board..."
  • Pick an unused label and add your text, similar to "Discussion Required". Click Save
  • Select the Label (make sure there is a checkmark)
  • Add the members to the card who should be part of the discussion

Now you can use Filter by Label to find all cards needing discussion. (Menu | Filter Cards)

You can always add card Activity comments like: @username @username2 Lets' discuss. Use another Activity comment to track what was discussed and when.


Create a checklist of discussion topics

You can reference other cards by adding the other Card Number (#xxxx) to your activity comment.

  • Good idea, but all our labels are in use :( – Clay Nichols Sep 25 '14 at 22:52

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